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      Precision Mold(SZ)

      Business Department


      Precision Mold Shop


      Tec Mold precision mold shop located in Shenzhen area, which covers about 5000 square meters and a total workforce of 150. We have 25 designers,6 project ? engineers, who have rich experience in their field and worked in mold industry for many years. We already got TS16949 and ISO 9001 certificates many years ago.

      We have rich experience for precise mold making and made remarkable ach- ievements in multi-cavity, 2-shot, thin-wall and so on. High quality precise molds derived from strict management, skilled employees & advanced equipments.

      Mold Design

      • Department of Design

      ? ? ? ?TEC Mold Precision Mold Shop-Shenzhen Division: The design team has the strong believe that "High Quality product begins with a First Class Design", with an average experience of 10 years in the mold design and fabrication, specializing in small and middle size molds, complexity is not barrier.


      • 部门1 部门1
      • 部门2 部门2
      • 部门3 部门3

      Quality Control

      • CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine)
      • Mitutoyo Vision Measuring Machine Mitutoyo Vision Measuring Machine
      • EROWA Workholding System for Accurate  Manufacturing Process and Inspection EROWA Workholding System for Accurate Manufacturing Process and Inspection


      • Precision Molds and Parts
        Precision Molds and Parts
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      Public micro signal

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